Energy Drinks on an Empty Stomach (In-Depth Analysis)

The demand and craze for energy drinks are getting popular, and various energy drinks are coming into existence.

It is no big thing now that energy drinks have become a staple of daily life for many people. People have become more accustomed to taking them in the morning to boost their energy levels.

Some people even say that their favorite brand is their breakfast as well. But the main question is it okay to have energy drinks on an empty stomach.

I came up with a conclusion by examining the common ingredients present in energy drinks. Although there aren’t many studies on this subject, I reviewed each one in great detail.

Energy drinks aren’t recommended on an empty stomach, but occasional consumption won’t cause any harm. If this becomes a habit, it may result in stomach issues and decreased appetite. Therefore, I suggest that you have a proper meal or a snack before consuming energy drinks.

Still doubtful of whether you should have energy drinks on an empty stomach or not? Then, keep reading this article till the end as I will review this question in detail.

Let’s move further.

Effects of Energy Drinks on An Empty Stomach

Consuming energy drinks on an empty stomach can harm your body as they are not a replacement for meals. You can suffer from hydrochloric acid production problems by drinking energy drinks on an empty stomach. Diet directly impacts your metabolism and your body’s reactions to your foods.

Hydrochloric acid functions are disrupted by directly drinking energy drinks without eating a meal. This is because hydrochloric acid works to digest your meals, and drinking energy drinks on an empty stomach can cause digestion issues. In addition, it can spike your blood sugar and cause fatigue.

Energy Drinks on an Empty Stomach (Is it Bad?)
Drinking energy drinks on empty stomach can be really bad for you.

There is no better way to provide your body with essential nutrients than a proper meal. Along with a decent meal, it is also necessary to exercise regularly. Make your body happy and healthy without disrupting its function.

Consumption of energy drinks on an empty stomach can damage the stomach lining. Ingestion can also occur because of hydrochloric acid production. Excessive consumption might also result in heartburn. It instills anxiety and hence can result in difficulties in focusing.

Although caffeine does play an integral role in providing the body with a boost and energy, it will not work on an empty stomach. It can act negatively and can increase the chances of dehydration.

Another detrimental effect this can cause is that it can affect your pulse. It puts increasing pressure on your heart and thus results in irregular heartbeats.

This makes it imperative to eat a meal before consuming any such drink. This helps significantly as it increases your focus and improves your senses. Energy drinks provide you with an immediate boost when needed; not only this, but it also supplies your body with essential nutrients.

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How Does Sugar Affect You On An Empty Stomach?

Sugar is the main ingredient of an energy drink, and it can affect your health if you have it on an empty stomach.

Many energy drinks still use sugar in their formula to add taste to them. Sugar can harm your health if you consume it on an empty stomach. The main side effect of drinking sugary energy drinks on an empty stomach is that your body starts lacking insulin within the body.

Consuming sugar on empty stomach can spike your blood pressure.

If you don’t eat anything before having sugar, your pancreas stops producing insulin which can cause your blood pressure to spike.

Other side effects are headache, anxiety, and depression. Therefore, it is always better to have something before sugar-filled energy drinks.

How Does Caffeine Affect You On An Empty Stomach?

Caffeine is a crucial ingredient of energy drinks, and it can cause side effects if you have it on an empty stomach.

Caffeine has the characteristic of being bitter, which causes gastric acid secretion. An empty stomach may be adversely affected as no ingredients will prevent the acid from damaging the gut. 

Furthermore, many individuals have also reported facing irritable bowel syndrome, worsened symptoms of gut disorders, and stomach disability.

This video will be helpful if you wish to know more about the effects of caffeine on an empty stomach.

How does caffeine affects an empty stomach?

Is Drinking Monster Energy On An Empty Stomach Bad?

Monster is the highest-ranked energy drink on Amazon. It can provide you with a warehouse of 210 calories, 27 g of sugar and 160mg caffeine. 

Since the drinks contain sugar and caffeine in large quantities, their consumption on an empty stomach can result in negative consequences. 

You should avoid drinking Monster energy drink on empty stomach.

Thus you must be cautious while drinking monster energy and should consume a healthy meal to prevent your body from the adverse effects of consuming drinks with an empty stomach.

Is Drinking Red Bull On An Empty Stomach Bad?

Red bull is ranked among the top drinks being offered in the market. It provides 110 calories, 27g of sugar, and 80mg of caffeine. 

These ingredients make it clear that they can give you a much-needed energy surge and thus help you perform extensive workload tasks with ease. With all that being said, still drinking red bull over an empty stomach is not a good idea.

Red Bull energy drink contains sugar in excessive amounts.

Consuming red bull on an empty stomach or without a proper meal can ruin your digestion, wasting your entire day due to demotivation and frustration. Therefore, to get the best out of red bull, it must be consumed after you have had a meal. It activates your sense, but it also gives an immediate and much-needed boost to your overall body functioning.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Energy Drinks On An Empty Stomach?

The rate at which your body absorbs energy drinks varies from person to person, each having different rates. 

Generally, youngsters and women are the ones who are most likely to consume these drinks on an empty stomach.

Your liver health can also be impacted directly when energy drinks are consumed with an empty stomach. If, on the contrary, you drink energy drinks after having a proper meal, it will prevent such adverse effects from happening to the body.

When energy drinks are consumed on an empty stomach, most caffeine will pass through your stomach and small intestines. Usually, it is absorbed into your bloodstream, but this time it’s different because of an empty stomach. If this happens, you will likely lose control of your senses.

The cycle goes on, resulting in loss of focus and body movement coordination.

When you’re craving your favorite energy drink, always remember to have a meal before its consumption. 

Drinks to Avoid On An Empty Stomach

If you want to keep your body in the best possible condition, there’s no better way than to stay hydrated. Below are some drinks that are a no go if you haven’t eaten anything.


Sugary drinks, especially sodas, can result in jitters and should be avoided. These cause hindrance and prevent you from concentrating on your work and activities. I drank on an empty stomach; these will make you feel dehydrated, frustrated, and demotivated throughout the day.

Energy Drinks 

You should avoid drinking energy drinks on empty stomach.

Energy drinks are offered in different caffeine concentrations and sugar formulas. As mentioned above, consuming energy drinks can make you feel weak and dehydrated. This can cause you to lose focus, decreasing the energy even to perform daily activities.


Alcohol can cause severe negative impacts on your body. Here too, as is the same for energy drinks, it will make you feel exhausted. Not only this, but it can harm your liver. Moreover, it can cause headaches, anxiety, and pain that hinder the proper functioning of your body.

Drinks you can have on an Empty Stomach

There is a wide range of drinks that you can consume over an empty stomach. With all being said, the best one amongst them all is water, without any doubt. Nothing can beat water when it comes to hydrating your body; water keeps you energized without harming your body.


Water keeps you hydrated and is also essential for your body.70 percent of your body is water, and proper body functioning is impossible. It makes you feel refreshed and active; therefore, it is a must to keep things with you to keep you going throughout the day.

Vegetable Juice

Vegetable juice aids you in fighting stress and fatigue. It also plays its role in providing your body with essential nutrients. Iron present in this can increase your overall productivity and thus help you perform everyday tasks efficiently.

Best Energy Drinks

Now that you know about the side effects of drinking on an empty stomach, here are some of the best canned and powdered energy drinks you can have if you need to boost your energy levels. However, before consuming them, make sure to eat something or have a proper meal.

Energy Drink CaffeineSugarCalories
Sneak Energy150mg0g12
Celsius200mg 0g10
Red Bull80mg27g“110
Here are some of the best energy drinks you can have.


Drinking energy drinks on an empty stomach is not good for your health as it can cause hazardous effects on your health. Therefore, if you are an energy drink fiend who loves to have energy drinks regularly, you must eat something or have a proper meal before you consume energy drinks.

To sum up, try to avoid drinking energy drinks on an empty stomach as they can lead to side effects. Also, if you are looking for the best energy drinks to have, you can opt for the energy mentioned above drinks.

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