Best Energy Drinks for Old Age (Answered)

Energy Drinks for old age

If you’re one of the fortunate few who are steadily reaching their golden years, you may begin to miss all the benefits of youth. Strength, stamina, and, most importantly, limitless, inexhaustible energy.

You may have many retirement plans, but you may not be able to fulfill those because of your staggering health and less energy. If you want to make the most out of your days then the best and most common way to boost your day out is by drinking energy drinks.

If you’re in search of the best old-age energy drinks that can give you an energy boost without harming your health, then you’re reading the right article.

Let’s start reading!

Pro-tip: Always ask your doctor before consuming any energy drink.

What are the Main Ingredients in Energy Drink for Old Age?

When you go to a market searching for an energy drink, you may get confused about which one to choose or which energy drink will be good for your health.

Give me a chance to reduce this confusion for you. I have gathered some main ingredients of energy drinks that you should check on the labeling before buying any energy drink. So when choosing an energy drink, look for three main ingredients on the labeling that may include:

Caffeine Content

Caffeine acts as a stimulant

For old-aged people getting up and feeling fresh may be a difficult task. So a caffeine boost is necessary for them to keep them active.

Taking caffeine in moderate doses is good for your health. But caffeine overconsumption may have harmful effects on adults’ health especially.

Some energy drinks have a very high amount of caffeine, more than 300mg, which may be harmful to health. So it is better to check out the caffeine content on the label before buying an energy drink.

A recommended daily caffeine limit for a healthy person is 400mg, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you take caffeine in excess, then you may suffer from:

  • Headaches
  • Palpitations
  • Dehydration
  • Digestive issues
  • Anxiety
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Restlessness

I would suggest that older adults should take those energy drinks which have 150-200mg of caffeine. But it all depends on your caffeine tolerance levels. If you’re caffeine sensitive, then take energy drinks with less caffeine. If your caffeine tolerance level is high, you can use up to 300mg of caffeine.

See the video below to know the side effects of caffeine:

Side effects of caffeine

Sugar Content

Apart from the delicious taste of sugar in energy drinks, it’ll surely harm your health if you do not check the daily limit of a person.

Normally, energy drinks contain a large amount of sugar in them. The highest sugar levels of an energy drink are up to 17 spoons. But Fret not! Some energy drinks provide a sugar-free option in them.

Sugar is the first energy booster ingredient of an energy drink, but it will harm your health if you take high amounts of sugar daily. It may increase the risk of getting adult-onset diabetes. For old-aged people drinking excessive sugary energy drinks may lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

The AHA (American Heart Association) has recommended that an adult man can consume 9 spoons of sugar daily, about 37.5g. On the other, it is recommended that adult women can consume 25g of sugar daily. 25g of sugar is equal to 6 spoons.

By seeing the daily sugar limit, you should go for less sugary drinks because you not only take sugar from energy drinks but also in other forms like cake, chocolates, etc. You can make sugar-free versions of energy drinks also.

I have mentioned some of the best energy drinks for old-aged people so that you can easily choose one.


No matter which type of energy drink you’re buying, the price of these drinks should always be budget-friendly.

Usually, the price range of energy drinks starts from $2 and ends at $4. If an energy drink’s price is $20, you should think before buying it.

Some energy drinks are less than $2 also, but the price is according to their nutritional value and size.

Is Energy Drink Safe for Old Age?

Old age
Energy Drinks are safe in moderation

Energy drinks are safe for everyone if you take them in moderation. But for old age, they need to be consumed responsibly. And from moderation, I mean only one can of energy drink per day.

It’s best to ask your doctor before taking any energy drink because older people must practice caution before consuming it.

Is Caffeine Helpful for Old Age?

If your energy drink contains caffeine, it’s a good nutrition source. Because if you have Alzheimer’s disease, parkin disease, liver cancer, or diabetes, then caffeine will be good for your health.

A study found out that many old-aged people have memory decline and that decline can be reduced by taking caffeine. In short, caffeine helps to reduce memory decline.

If you do exercise daily and take caffeine regularly, then it increases your chances of losing weight. Seeing all the benefits of caffeine is a good ingredient for older adults.

The best time to take caffeinated drinks is in the afternoon. Because if you take energy drinks at night, they may cause some problems for you while sleeping.

What are Some Other Energy boosters for Old Age?

Old age
Jogging can be a good option for old folks

Here are some other energy boosters that old folks can try:

  • Thirty minutes of exercise daily or jogging.
  • A good diet with a balanced amount of nutritional value.
  • Take frequent but small naps (of less than an hour).
  • Consuming ample water daily.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast.

Best Energy Drinks for Old Age

Energy Drinks for old age
Energy Drinks

Red Bull

Red Bull has made its mark in the world and is the most famous energy drink out of all the others energy drinks.

Redbull cans sell 7 billion per year. Now you may be thinking, what makes Redbull so famous and liked by everyone? A can of Redbull energy drink contains 80mg of caffeine, 110 calories, and 27g of sugar.

The sugar count is high for me in this energy drink, but the caffeine content is pretty good. But don’t worry about the sugar content because the Redbull Zero Ultra Version is available for many people in the market.

5 Hour Energy

These small bottles are the best on-the-go energy drinks.

5-hour energy shots have B vitamins and amino acids in them. Their price range is around $2. Sometimes prices may vary depending on where you are buying it.

5-hour energy has a non-carbonated version also, which has a lot of flavors, including Berry, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry, Raspberry, Strawberry Watermelon, and Orange. The caffeine amount ranges from 200 to 230mg in its other versions.

If you are interested, check out my other article “Does 5-Hour Energy Actually Work?” here.

Mountain Dew Kickstart Energy Drink

It has 92mg of caffeine, 20g of sugar, and 80 calories in a can. It’s a pretty good combination of ingredients for old people.

The price of a can of Mountain Dew ranges from $1 up to $3. Don’t worry. It’s a $1 can. Don’t compromise on the quality of the drink. It comes in different flavors, including Orange Citrus, Black Cherry, Mango Lime, and Fruit Punch. Some sugar-free versions are also available.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there’re plenty of energy drinks which aged people can consume. To keep a healthy lifestyle, you should exercise daily and take energy drinks to give you a quick boost every morning.

You should make sure that caffeine content should not be high on the labeling according to your daily intake.

Moreover, it would help if you remembered that a person takes caffeine not only from energy drinks but from other beverages also. So keep an eye on the caffeine amount whenever buying any energy drink.

Remember, everyone’s caffeine sensitivity varies from each other. So take energy drinks after checking out the label and consulting your health professional.

Sugar levels should also be taken care of because excessive sugar intake may lead you to become overweight. Many energy drinks are available in sugar-free versions also, so if you’re on a diet, you can switch to sugar-free cans of energy drinks.

In my opinion, an old aged shouldn’t take 2 cans per day and leave a gap of a day while consuming energy drinks.

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