Best Energy Drinks for Losing Weight (Top Discoveries)

Not all energy drinks can make you gain weight. There are those that are recommended by dieticians for losing weight.

The calories and sugar content of energy drinks should be the main factors that you should be looking at if you’re trying to lose weight.

If you want an answer I’d say, Bang Energy and Celsius are the most ideal energy drinks for losing weight as they’re both low on calories and are sugar-free too.

However, you should keep in mind that too much of anything is always a bad thing. Drinking too many energy drinks is detrimental to your overall health. So, always drink in moderation to reap its maximum benefits.

Let’s go along and find the different energy drinks that are good for losing weight.

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Do energy drinks help with weight loss?

Some energy drinks can help you lose weight.

Many people believe energy drinks can slightly promote weight loss but there is no hard evidence to prove such a claim.

However, the caffeine in energy drinks can suppress appetite and can help burn calories faster. As a result, weight loss can eventually happen.

Moreover, there are energy drinks with thermogenic properties that increase metabolism – a great example would be Celsius Energy Drink.

Celsius is said to contain thermogenic properties which cause the body to burn more calories when exercising. According to the website, drinking a can of Celsius before exercising can reduce fat, improves endurance, and provides resistance to fatigue.

And for that reason, energy drinks could help promote weight loss. Still, you should be more cautious and mindful of their ingredients as some of them may be toxic for you.

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle is the way to stay fit!

Will Monster Energy make you fat?

Monster Energy can make you fat if you consume it regularly.

A standard can of Monster contains 28 grams of sugar which can be detrimental to your health if you overconsume.

Sugary drinks are the main culprit of weight gain, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. That said, the sugar content in Monster Energy can definitely make you suffer the health conditions mentioned.

Speaking of sugar, the AHA guidelines for sugar intake recommends 24 grams of sugar per day for women and 36 grams per day for men.

You can still consume Monster Energy as long as you limit your intake to one can per day and nothing else. Also, you must cut sugary stuff from your diet throughout the day to remain on the safer side.

Does Red Bull make you fat?

Red Bull will not make you fat if you limit your intake to just one can per day.

Not all Red Bull contains sugar. If you’re trying to lose weight, the sugar-free Red Bull is a suitable option.

The calorie content of Red Bull may seem higher for some people. (A standard serving contains 110 calories.) However, that shouldn’t be an issue for someone on a weight-loss regimen as it’s still within the daily recommended intake.

Generally speaking, women need to consume 2000 calories per day, and 2500 calories per day for men to maintain a healthy weight.

That means the calories in Red Bull are within the safe limit. Still, you shouldn’t overindulge to avoid any health problems.

Top Energy Drinks for Losing Weight

Different Choices of Energy Drinks

Celsius Energy Drink

Celsius is marketed as a fitness drink made with the best ingredients as they claim.

This energy drink does not contain sugar, preservatives, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and is also very low on sodium.

Fitness enthusiasts are raving about this drink because it is clinically proven to boost metabolism and burn fats, especially when combine with exercise.

Bang Energy Drink

Bang Energy is another choice if you’re looking for an energy drink that can aid in your weight loss. This energy drink contains zero sugar, carbs, and calories.

Bang comes in various flavors which gives you plenty of options to try. In that sense, you won’t get bored and won’t be subjected to trying just one flavor over and over again.

So, Bang it is!

Rogue Energy

Rogue is absolutely worth a try if you’re looking for an energy drink powder that won’t ruin your weight loss regimen.

Marketed as a gaming drink that contains 5 calories, 175 mg caffeine, and zero sugar. It’s one of the best options you might have if you’re looking for an energy booster that won’t make you fat.

If you’re into caffeine, Rogue’s Extreme range of energy powders has a caffeine concentration of 300 mg per serving. It’s definitely a stronger boost, but be advised, it’s not for the faint-hearted!

Adrenaline Shoc

Adrenaline Shoc should be on top of your list if you’re on the lookout for high-performance energy drinks.

A serving of Adrenaline Shoc is loaded with amino acids, vitamins, a “special” blend of caffeine, and without the extra sugar and calories.

These ingredients may justify the healthy components of Adrenaline Shoc which makes it an excellent weight loss drink too!

What to Look for in Energy Drinks for Losing Weight

Sugar and calories are the two components that you should look out for when choosing energy drinks for losing weight.

Added sugar is fattening because it contains empty calories. These empty calories do not have any vitamins, minerals, protein, fat, and fiber that your body needs to function.

In other words, energy drinks that contain high calories are bad for you as they can potentially lead to weight loss if consumed long term.

In addition, consuming too much sugar can affect blood sugar and hormone levels which can eventually lead to hyperglycemia and weight gain.

This video explains how to choose a healthy energy drink while buying from your favorite supermarket.

WATCH & LEARN: Buying Guide for Choosing the Healthy Energy Drink

Can energy drinks help you lose weight?

Energy drinks alone cannot help you lose weight!

A combination of a healthy diet, exercise, along with healthy lifestyle are the most effective ways to reduce weight.

You can still consume energy drinks once in a while to fuel your daily exercise. However, keep in mind to drink in moderation to prevent health issues.

Just so you know, weight gain isn’t the only health issue caused by ingesting too much energy drinks. Caffeine overdose, cardiovascular diseases, and oral health issues are also potential issues you might encounter due to long-term consumption of energy drinks.

So, think twice before you overindulge!

Can you drink energy drinks while on a weight loss diet?

You can still drink energy drinks while you’re on a weight loss diet.

You can still drink your favorite energy drink while on a weight loss diet.

However, you must be picky in terms of sugar and calorie content. You don’t want to choose something that has massive sugar or else your effort will go to waste.

Other drinks that are effective for losing weight include:

  • green tea
  • black tea
  • ginger tea
  • coffee
  • water
  • apple cider vinegar drink
  • high protein drinks

It’s perfectly understandable to feel the need to drink energy drinks while on a weight loss diet as you might need the extra energy to fuel your daily exercise.vStill, learn to choose the most healthy option to avoid ruining your weight loss plan.

Wrap Up (What is the best energy drink for losing weight?)

It all boils down to living a healthy lifestyle and choosing the right energy drink with healthier components.

Generally speaking, energy drinks are not that healthy. However, they work as an energy booster which can also help improve your performance and boost focus.

That said, energy drinks alone will not help you lose weight!

Not all energy drinks are ideal for losing weight. You should stay away from energy drinks with high sugar content!

Personally, my vote for the best energy drink for losing weight goes to Celsius Energy. I think this drink is stuffed with healthy and natural ingredients which makes it a safe drink to have overall.

On a side note, never ever overconsume energy drinks to avoid their detrimental effects!


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