Best Energy Drinks For Intermittent Fasting (Top Picks)

The craze and popularity of intermittent fasting are increasing day by day. And, people are moving towards it to lose some extra sheds because of its additional benefits. While intermittent fasting does sound scary, you can easily eat some of your foods instead of starving yourself to death.

Furthermore, if you are an energy drink lover, then there is good news that you can easily enjoy energy drinks while intermittent fasting because, after all, intermittent fasting is all about when you eat rather than what you eat.

But, the problem is that there are many energy drinks available on the market, and how will you know which one is better for intermittent fasting.

However, you don’t need to worry about it as I have gotten all covered in this article. So, keep reading this article till the end as I will be revealing the top three energy drinks you can easily have while you are intermittent fasting.

Overall, in my opinion, XS, Bang, and Celsius energy drinks are best for intermittent fasting.

What Can You Drink During Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a process where your switch between fasting and eating. It is beneficial as it will help you lose weight and prevent many health diseases. There are three different methods through which you can easily fast.

  • The 16/8 method
  • Eat-Stop-Eat 
  • The 5:2 diet

While you don’t eat any food during intermittent fasting, you can still consume your favorite drinks. Here are some of the things you can drink during intermittent fasting.

  • Water: When you are intermittent fasting, you need to stay hydrated so that you won’t dehydrate yourself. And as you know that water is completely sugar-free and has zero calories; thus, it is one of the healthiest beverages you can have while intermittent fasting.
a clear glass pitcher with water, cucumber, lemon and mint leaves
Water is the best drink you can have while intermittent fasting.
  • Coffee: Black coffee without any sugar or cream is another drink you can have while intermittent fasting. It will help you with weight loss.
  • Tea: Tea is another of the best beverages you can have while intermittent fasting. Tea curbs your appetite and will help you with your weight loss. Moreover, it also enhances the effectiveness of intermittent fasting by improving the health of your gut.
  • Energy Drinks: There are some of the best energy drinks that will help you with your intermittent fasting.

Can You Consume Sugar While Intermittent Fasting?

No, you can’t consume sugar while doing an intermittent fast because sugar spikes your blood pressure which will break your fast.

Whether you are fasting or not, your sugar intake should always be moderate because if you don’t utilize the energy you gain from sugar by working out, it will make you fat. Moreover, if you consume sugar during your eating window, it will make you crash.

You should avoid sugar while intermittent fasting.

That is why you should avoid sugar during intermittent fasting and always opt for sugar-free energy drinks instead.

Can You Consume Caffeine While Intermittent Fasting?

Yes, you can consume caffeine while intermittent fasting.

Caffeine is found in many beverages like coffee and tea you consume during intermittent fasting. Thus, you can easily have caffeine while intermittent fasting. There is no limit on how much caffeine should you consume during intermittent fasting, but it is always better to stay within the recommended amount according to FDA and have caffeine in moderate amounts because it can cause the side effects like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Overdose
  • High Blood pressure
Caffeine will keep you energized during intermittent fasting.

Furthermore, remember that caffeine can also affect your sleep during intermittent fasting. Therefore, always opt for those energy drinks with low or moderate caffeine content.

Can You Consume Calories While Intermittent Fasting?

Yes, you can consume calories while intermittent fasting, like your body, will remain fast if you have less than 50 calories.

Calories are beneficial for you and can help you lose weight if you want. Therefore, you need to consume drinks that are either low in calories or are completely calorie-free. Furthermore, keep in mind that if you choose energy drinks with calories, only opt for those with less than 50 calories.

OMAD Plan And Energy Drinks

One meal a day (OMAD) is another diet plan people follow to improve their health or lose weight.

OMAD is quite similar yet the extreme version of intermittent fasting. In this plan, not only do you eat once a day, but you also have to be very particular about what you are eating.

It’s pretty similar to intermittent fasting when it comes to beverage choices. Drink more water, take less sugar, etc.

Where Do Energy Drinks Fit In? 

If you’re fasting, don’t consume sugar, and keep a close eye on your calorie intake. Thus, the answer to whether you can drink an energy drink while on OMAD is yes; you can, if you choose wisely! 

a lady eating a healthy meal of salmon and vegetables
It would help if you always ate healthy while intermittent fasting.

These days, there are a lot of energy drinks with zero sugar and very few calories on the market which means you can opt for those energy drinks.

Benefits of Drinking Energy Drinks While Intermittent Fasting

There are many benefits of drinking energy drinks while intermittent fasting.

It may be difficult for those new to intermittent fasting to jump into a fasting regime and not have sufficient energy to carry on with their daily activities. 

Consequently, consuming an energy drink before your fast begins (or after your fast ends) would provide you with sufficient energy to last throughout the day.

The reasoning makes sense; if you are eating less, you might feel weaker or lack energy during certain periods of the day.

For intermittent fasting to be worthwhile and reach your goals, make sure you drink a low-calorie energy drink containing low amounts of sugar, caffeine, and fat.

Do Energy Drinks break intermittent fasting?

Consuming a sugar-free energy drink does not break your intermittent fasting.

You can still have your energy drinks as long as they are sugar-free (or extremely low in sugar) and preferably zero calories to keep your fasting.

However, if you are someone quite rigorous about their diet, it’s important to avoid drinks during fasting as they contain artificial sweeteners.

Consequences of Consuming Energy Drinks on Empty Stomach

Consuming an energy drink on an empty stomach can harm your health.

Drinking energy drinks on an empty stomach can be bad for your health. The reason is that they contain strong ingredients, which can be bad for you if you consume them without eating anything first.

Therefore, consuming energy drinks on an empty stomach is not ideal.

Want to know more about the consequences of drinking energy drinks on an empty stomach? Then check this video out!

Everything you need to know about drinking energy drinks on an empty stomach.

Best Time To Consume Energy Drinks While Intermittent Fasting

The best time to consume energy drinks while intermittent fasting is before you start your fast or after you break it.

If you are a health freak who loves to work out during intermittent fasting, you can have energy drinks with BCAAs before going to the gym. Following are some of the health benefits you will gain after drinking the energy drinks with BCAAs.

  • Sore muscles are lessened.
  • Muscle growth increases
  • Exercising with less fatigue
  • Keeping muscles from wasting

Best Energy Drinks For Intermittent Fasting

Now that you know what intermittent fasting is and what benefits you will get after drinking energy drinks while intermittent fasting, let’s look at some of the best energy drinks.

Here are the top three energy drinks that will help you with intermittent fasting.

Energy DrinksSugar Content Calorie ContentCaffeine Content
XS energy drink01080 mg
Celsius 010200-300 mg
Bang00300 mg
Here are the top three energy drinks for intermittent fasting.

XS Energy Drink

Sugar: 0g

Caffeine: 80mg

Calories: 10

XS energy drink is one of the best energy drinks you can have while intermittent fasting. This energy drink contains only ten calories, has moderate caffeine content, and has zero sugar in its formula, making it a perfect choice for you.

This energy drink is good for intermittent fasting.

Furthermore, this energy drink has multiple vitamins and minerals in its formula, which will help you in your intermittent fasting. Moreover, this energy drink comes in two different flavors, completely caffeine-free. Here are the caffeine-free flavors of the XS energy drinks.

  • Mango Pineapple Guava 
  • Cranberry-Grape Blast

So, if you want, you can also opt for the caffeine-free version of this energy drink to be on the safe side.

Celsius Energy Drink

Sugar: 0g

Caffeine: 200mg – 300mg

Calories: 10

The next incredible energy drink on our list is Celsius energy drink. This energy drink is completely sugar-free and has only ten calories. Furthermore, this energy drink has 200-300 mg of caffeine, which is moderate. So, if you need an extra boost during your intermittent fasting, then this energy drink is perfect for you.

Celsius Energy Drink comes in various flavors.

Furthermore, Celsius also has three different flavors, which are:

  • Celsius Heat (300mg caffeine per can)
  • Originals (200mg caffeine per can)
  • Naturals (200mg caffeine per can)

So, you can choose any of these energy drink flavors according to your needs. However, remember that consuming caffeine in moderate amounts is better when intermittent fasting. And, since this energy drink has almost half of the daily recommended amount, it is better to stay within limits and only have one can in a day.

If you are interested to know more about celsius energy, you can check out my other article on celsius energy.

Bang Energy Drink

Bang energy drink is an incredible energy drink that will keep you energized for long hours.

Sugar: 0g

Caffeine: 300mg

Calories: 0

The last energy drink on our list of best for intermittent fasting is Bang energy drink. Like the other two energy drinks, it has zero sugar in its formula. Moreover, it is completely calorie-free.

The only problem with this energy drink is that it has 300mg of caffeine which, in my opinion, is too much. However, if you can handle this much caffeine in a day, you can have this energy drink. But, do remember to consume it in moderate amounts as it has almost exceeded the daily recommended amount of caffeine in a day and can cause side effects if you consume more than one can in a day.

Also, this energy drink has BCCAs in it, which means you can consume it as your pre-workout energy drink. However, there is a lawsuit regarding the misleading information about this energy drink. Therefore, please do your research before consuming it.

Want to know whether this energy drink is bad for you or not? Then, read my other article here.


If you plan on being on an intermittent fast, you should always be careful about what kind of energy drinks you consume – you should choose sugar-free drinks with a minimum number of calories.

You should avoid high-calorie or sugary energy drinks if you are fasting, as they can break your fast. Therefore, consuming energy drinks compatible with your current diet or lifestyle would be advisable while selecting those that meet your caffeine requirement and taste preferences.

Ultimately, choosing the best energy drink for intermittent fasting will come down to personal preference. So, grab a can of your favorite beverage and try it out.

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