Best Energy Drinks For FootBall (Best Choices)

Football is one of the most physically demanding sports that requires high stamina levels to play. There are numerous ways to improve physical energy, and one of them is by consuming energy drinks.

You need energy drinks in order to stay energetic, strong, and focused. 

As for my recommendations, the top on my list would be Monster, Bang, and Mixt Energy.

These energy drinks are relatively high in caffeine which can definitely give you a surge of energy and allow you to achieve better concentration to get you through your football game.

Let’s find out more about the best energy drinks for footballers!

Is Energy Drink Good For Footballers?

The short answer is yes, energy drinks are good for footballers.

According to a study, energy drinks are effective in gaining strength after training and during a match. It causes stimulation through caffeine which ultimately helps players in performing their best.

However, note that energy drinks only work if you take them within the recommended dosage.

The FDA proposes a caffeine intake of 400 mg per day and exceeding the limit can lead to symptoms and other complications.

So, if you’re someone with low caffeine tolerance, it is best to look at other options for your energy-boosting needs.

Energy Drinks- What To Consider?

Whenever you are selecting an energy drink, it is important for you to take notice of the ingredients such as caffeine and sugar.

I’ll discuss this briefly below!


Caffeine is a naturally energy-boosting stimulant that enhances your alertness and makes you more active. It works by stimulating your brain and blocking the receptor called adenosine which makes you sleepy – this ultimately provides you with energy and alertness on the field.

However, apart from their benefits, it also comes with side effects when overconsumed.

These are the side effects of caffeine which you’ll likely experience when you drink too many cans of energy drinks:

  • restlessness
  • tremors
  • irregular heartbeat
  • anxiety
  • insomnia

In theory, you’ll be okay as long as you stay within the caffeine threshold. In that sense, a can of energy drink is a good drink to have before a football match!

I have added a short video below explaining what caffeine does to your brain. Check it out!

How Caffeine Affects the Brain Explained


Sugar is a soluble form of carbohydrate which adds taste to food and beverages and also provides you with energy.

It is used in energy drinks to give you more energy and avoid feeling sluggish. However, be careful not to overconsume as it may lead to an awful sugar crash.

These are the side effects of too much sugar:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • hyperactivity
  • tooth decay
  • cardiovascular diseases

For that reason, experts recommend a sugar intake of 25 g per day for women and 36 g per day for men to stay on the safe side.

It’s probably wise to go for sugar-free energy drinks as they’re relatively safer and healthier.

Check out my article to see recommendations for the best sugar-free energy drinks!

Best Energy Drinks for Footballers

I have performed due diligence by asking my local football team about their top choices for energy drinks that they think have helped them perform better during a match. And here’s what I’ve found!


Monster Energy is infused with 54 g of sugar, 210, calories, 160 mg of caffeine, vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients. However, I’d say the sugar of this energy drink is something that you should watch out for as it’s way past the recommended limit.

Check out the nutrition facts of Monster Energy here.


Bang is a sugar-free and calorie-free energy drink that contains 300 mg of caffeine, zero sugars, CoQ10, EAAs, vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients.

I think the downside is that not everyone would be able to tolerate the amount of caffeine in this beverage which may affect your football game if you’re tolerance to the stimulant is low.

Check out the ingredient analysis for Bang Energy here.

Mixt Energy

Mixt Energy is one of the most popular gaming supplements designed for improving mental focus and concentration.

Although it’s designed for e-gamers, it’s a great help for footballers in terms of mental focus. I also like Mixt Energy because I really love the shakers that they sell on their website. Silly, but I do love them!

Before A Football Match – What Should You Consume?

There are lots of beverages you can consume before a football match, energy drinks are one of them.

Before a football match, you should always consume lots of water so that you can stay hydrated.

Many footballers prefer to drink sports drinks pre-match; however, there are lots of risks associated with it.

Still, the best way is to opt for some natural and healthy alternative beverages such as:

Can You Drink Red Bull Before A Game?

Yes, you can drink Redbull before your football game!

Red Bull is one of the best energy drinks available that provides you with a good boost of energy. Therefore, if you need to energize yourself before your big game then Red Bull is one of the great options.

This energy drink contains 80 mg of caffeine, 27 g of sugar, 110 calories, and other energy-boosting ingredients.

How Can You Get Energy Fast Before A Football Match?

There are various ways through which you can increase your stamina before a football match.

Pre-meal like cereal bars and oatmeal are good options you can have before your game to build your stamina.

Another way through which you can get energy is by getting adequate sleep. So, try to get some good night’s sleep before your match.

Also, try to start your day with a healthy breakfast and don’t forget to include fruits.

Can You Drink Energy Drink During Halftime?

Yes, you can consume energy drinks during halftime to replenish your lost energy.

This way you will feel more energized and hydrated after all the sweating and continuous running which has made you exhausted.

Can You Drink Energy Drinks After A Game?

Yes, you can consume energy drinks after a game as it will help you to gain your worn-out energy back.

However, energy drinks are not made for rehydrating purposes. It is better to consume sufficient water to keep yourself hydrated.


If you’re a footballer and in need of an energy booster, you can definitely go for energy drinks. Just be careful not to overindulge as it may also affect your game.

If you have tried other energy drinks, let us know your experience!


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